Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Angela and Collin, Bunny Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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Angela and Collin's wedding was awesome! They were married at noon, in a meadow in Golden Gate Park. Then they joined their friends and families in a relaxed, sunny picnic. I also love weddings in big, fancy venues, with ornate flowers and food - but these guys really blew me away with their creative details, their bright and lovely colors, and their focus on staying true to what matters to them. I think it was a perfect day!

We wandered over to the nearby Conservatory of Flowers and adjoining gardens for photos. It was a foggy-then-sunny Sunday morning and afternoon in Golden Gate Park, which was filled with families and tourists and locals visiting museums, roller blading and biking, walking their dogs, etc. I think it was just the right feeling of community and place that Angela and Collin were hoping for.

The food was fantastic! Sandwiches, salads, and vegetables, plus a selection of refreshing drinks and handmade fruit galettes for dessert - simple but totally delicious.

And OH the dahlias :)

I love how Angela and Collin were literally encircled by their community during their ceremony:

There was croquet, bubble blowing, a football tossed around - and a lot of great lounging in the (rare) SF sunshine, on these most adorable picnic blankets/ guest favors, homemade by Angela's mom!

I can't think of a sweeter place to get married, complete with squirrels and dog walkers meandering past.

And a really kind note from Angela"

"Yay! These are so amazing. Thank you!!! I was having a really crummy day (suffice it to say that involved the SF DMV). Getting [the photos] really turned the day around. I absolutely love all of the shots. You did an amazing job capturing the day."

Thank YOU and congratulations, Angela and Collin!


Megan Clouse said...

Love it! A few of my favs are the very clever save the date photo strip, the pathway image with her laughing and how fun to setup croquet for the guests!

Mark Haren said...

These are just geat photos! They really do capture their 'perfect day' in the park. Only wish I could have been there to share the moment too. My home in Thailand is far, far away, but your photos have really helped make the day come alive for me!
Thanks, Anne's dad.