Friday, November 03, 2006


I heard from Chris and Christine regarding their slideshow and Christine said:
"Hi Jessamyn,
I LOVE them!! You really have a talent of capturing
the moment! The night went by like a blur and it's
slowly coming back together with these shots. Also,
everyone has told me they had the time of their lives,
but I had no idea there were that many people dancing.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you. You
were the perfect photographer for us. I will
recommend you to anyone I know and will definitely
call if we have ny future photographer needs."

This makes me so so SO happy! I am not used to shooting so much black and white (their request, which is fine, but I'm a color girl most of the time) so it was kind of a different experience.

I had such a blast shooting the wedding (especially when the entire party got rockin - singing - air guitaring on the dance floor to Journey!). And they say that the only things you will take away from your wedding day are your spouse (duh), rings, and wedding photos, which is what makes them so important. For someone to tell me that my photos bring the emotions and moments of their wedding day (which is always an ecstatic, crazy blur that goes by faster than any other day), is probably the highest compliment I can receive, and my goal with each and every wedding. Yay!

I think that this is the reason wedding "photojournalism" has become so popular - people want to remember the moments from their wedding day as they happened, not look at their album going, "okay, that's when we were posing for the camera. That's when we were recreating our ceremony after the real ceremony, posing for the camera. There's where we held a fake pose about to slice into our wedding cake." Etc.

Anyway. When I dropped their photos off (we live in almost the same neighborhood!), I got to see their cute new house with beautiful light blue painted walls and a red door and lots of space inside... now I'm thinking maybe Christine will let me use her as a model sometime, hmm... of course I haven't asked yet! We shall see : )

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baffle said...

I couldn't agree more with all the wonderful raves you receive from your clients regarding the way you photograph weddings (or anything else for that matter).

Without a doubt - you, with your 'paintbrush of choice'(camera) + artistic viewpoint - create precious visuals to be treasured forever and ever.

Color and/or black n' white, you've got it ALL covered, babe!