Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puppy party!! and teatime at Lovejoy's

My maternity leave hasn't been all relaxation and fun, but I am trying to get in lots of good visits with friends and family while I can. As well as to shoot lots of pretty things! Here are some of the delicious treats I was treated to by my sister at Lovejoy's Tearoom in San Francisco:

We were joined by our longtime friends, 2nd generation Lennon included.

My sister, Bronwyn:

Then - back to Petaluma to visit our friends' brand new puppies!!!

Oh, man. A snuggly baby on the inside and outside of my lap, just heavenly.

Lennon thinking very strategically about how to get her hands on one of those puppies all by herself. Or maybe she's going to pick her nose - who can be sure?

Sleepy baby paw:

The cats, waiting patiently at home, can't be left out. Look how big Franklin is!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Angela and Alex, Dawn Ranch Lodge, Guerneville

(Click the above image for the slideshow)

Angela and Alex were married in February at the Dawn Ranch Lodge in Guerneville. They hired me to photograph their wedding for a few hours, which was perfect for my last wedding, so late in my pregnancy. I had never been to Dawn Ranch before, and now I am so excited to return there as a guest in the summertime some day! It's so beautiful, even in February.

Look at these cuties! They were so cozy and had so much fun cuddling and kissing during our photo session... I loved shooting their affection in the beautiful evening twilight.

Thank you and congratulations to Alex and Angela!