Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Trisha and Mark, Pelican Inn, Muir Beach

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Trisha and Mark came out to SF and West Marin County to be privately married. We met at the Pelican Inn and walked down to an amazing spot on Muir Beach, where I was lucky to photograph and witness their beautiful wedding. Elopements never go out of style!

First, I had some fun getting portrait time alone with the groom (which rarely happens):

...followed by some with beautiful Trisha (who is an occasional model - can you tell?):

A long, gorgeous walk to the perfect spot:

Absolutely amazing. I could spend every day in this little enclave of wildflowers, thistles, fennel/ licorice smells, salt air, fog, and tamped down sea grasses. It reminds me of my childhood (weekending at my grandparents' in Stinson Beach) and just takes my breath away!

In true West Marin style, the officiant (Mimi from Bolinas) was familiar with my late uncle and some other family. She was a great person to have perform such a sweet, intimate ceremony!

Can you believe this was early August? Not 10 miles inland, there were clear blue skies and blazing sun, and it was probably 95 degrees. It was lovely to get a nice cool break!

Heading back to the Inn, we stopped for some more portraits by the foggy, swampy cattails:

Out of the blue, a horsewoman came up, riding beside her friendly dog:

And way before she reached us, we murmured, "That's what we need, a horse for some portraits!". Then, when the woman reached us, she said, "hey, do you guys want to borrow my horse for some portraits?" It was amazing!

Next we stumbled onto a man who popped out of seemingly nowhere, foraging for blackberries. He recommended we try the berries, so we did. It was like wandering through a cool, weird, enchanted forest!

Trisha and Mark then went back to enjoy a proper, snuggly English dinner at the Inn, and the rest of their glorious wedding week. I know that they had the time of their lives hiking, biking, and exploring the area. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a peaceful, beautiful wedding week!

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