Thursday, October 22, 2009

Michelle and Nathan's anniversary party, Sebastopol

Here are some of my favorite shots from the anniversary party featured on Style Me Pretty a few weeks ago. I loved going to this part - as a guest, no less! - and love Michelle and Nathan and their son and their ranch.

I love the photos with the hen house!

The kids (there were many) had a pretty sweet setup: bounce house, kid-friendly menu (with mac n cheese, hot dogs, cupcakes, etc), childcare, popcorn machine (okay, that was for adults, too), big movie projected inside the barn. Fun!

The popcorn machine was so cool - with lots of seasoning options.

And homemade chutneys were served during the homecooked meal and offered as favors:

Michelle and Nathan's neighbors/ landmates:

And I looo-hoooove the dahlias! Some of my favorite flowers, locally sourced and totally in season.

The food was all home cooked, and often home grown (in the case of all of the produce):

And guests were seated in the midst of the big garden/ backyard:

And - cupcakes from Sift!!

This party makes me want to throw a fabulous backyard party for 40+ of our closest friends, too. Will it ever happen?! I don't think I'm as crafty-party talented as Michelle and Nathan, but they serve as a great inspiration for future plans.

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