Friday, November 13, 2009

Natalie and Craig, Compass Rose Gardens, Bodega Bay

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Natalie and Craig were married at the Compass Rose Gardens in Bodega Bay - a venue I have heard a lot about, but had never been to before. It was a lovely sunny day (which is rarely the case in that area), and there were so many cool details in the gardens:

Natalie and Craig incorporated lots of bright colors in their decorations, which complemented the gardens, and the couple's joyous personalities very well:

Natalie is my high school friend, Natasha's mom. I was very honored to be recommended by Natasha, who is a photographer as well, and happy to be a part of the sweet wedding day!

The ceremony site is really cool - there's a little creek or gully thing in between the "audience" and the couple. I had fun sneaking around behind the ceremony area for the processional to get some different points of view!

The light was gorgeous for family portraits. And there were a lot of honored female family members at this wedding, like Natalie's granddaughter, daughter, and mother:

And Craig with his mom and many stepmothers! What a great community:

Natasha and Max looking fabulous:

Next Natalie, Craig and I took a limo (drive by their neighbor) to one of their favorite cliffs overlooking the Sonoma County coast:

Back to the pretty gardens:

There was a taco bar catered by one of my favorite taquerias, lots of great toasts, and a ton of dancing and fun:

In this family of blood relatives and friends, everyone loves each other!

Thank you to Natalie and Craig, for having me along to photograph your wedding! I definitely teared up during the sweet vows, and wish you two a long happy life together.

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