Friday, May 07, 2010

"this little bird"...

I'm still here, still loving on our baby girl, and still in a tired but happy newborn place.

I've got a ton of personal photos to share soon, both from the last year when our "babies" were cats and tomato seedlings, and from the last 2.5 weeks, of our real baby. Only 18 days and while it doesn't yet feel like she's been here forever, we sure couldn't imagine living without her ever again!

I am catching my breath, catching up on emails and album orders, and scheduling meetings and shoots. So, holler at me if you're ready to order an album design, set up a photo shoot, or talk about your upcoming event!

I just have these few images today (but hope to share many more in the coming weeks), and two songs I like to sing to the baby (who coos like a bird, makes a little turtle mouth, pants like a puppy, snorts and grunts like a piglet, and gets compared to about a million other little animals daily):

"The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs..."


House Dreams said...

Your Pop loves those puppy sounds!

House Dreams said...

Ahh, the baby songs!