Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend

I had the best time shooting Sunset Magazine's Wine Club VIP lounge at their Celebration Weekend back in June. My good friends at Jess Flood Events coordinated the lounge and it looked fabulous. Plus, it was cool photographing a part of Sunset's offices that most people don't get to see, even during the Celebration Weekends. The magazine is so beautifully designed, and this building had me imagining working there in the fabulous 1960s and photographing some of those 50s and 60s amazing retro trends in architecture and design (many of which are coming back through fashion).

Here is some of the dirt (there's probably a fancier wine name for it - part of the terroir?) from one of the wineries, I loved that they brought it.


I thought the succulents were a lovely element in the adobe-chic kind of feel of Sunset's buildings. Very Western yet very beautiful.

Jessie pretend drinking wine for me:

It was about 10 million degrees outside but everyone had a great time exploring the Sunset grounds anyway. Great food, tons of very cool displays and samples and demonstrations. I can't wait for next year!

Here I am geeking out, admiring the big mirrors in the ladies' bathroom, and the 60's style tapestry.

And no blog post would be complete without a photo of my adorable assistants:

You can see more on Jess's blog. Thanks to Jess Flood and her team and everyone at Sunset for making us so welcome, even with the baby in tow!

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