Monday, December 20, 2010

Jamie and Lane, couple portraits, their home, San Rafael

Lane and I went to high school together, so it had been a long, long time since we had seen each other in person. Thank heavens for social networking! I had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Jamie, and their energetic pup, Allie, and photographing them all despite the pouring rain, in their lovely San Rafael home. I love being forced to stay inside in bad weather and finding interesting light and backdrops where you might not think to look - keeps me working, and I'm so happy with what we came up with here. Who needs sunshine and vineyards anyway?!

I love the series of expressions Jamie goes through here - I don't know how she can be so beautiful when, not only am I forcing them to roll around on the ground, but Allie is trying to lick everyone's face off, but it just works.

Simple and sweet:

Cozy and moody:

I love these three!

Just so pretty and clean:

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