Tuesday, April 05, 2011

playing with film/ gratuitous photos of Symphony

I love shooting digital for many reasons... but I also love, and miss, film. I started out shooting, developing, and printing (by hand) black and white and color films. So sometimes I let myself play with 35mm or 120 film. And my favorite person to play with these days happens to also be really really cute!

Have you noticed her curls?

And cute, sweet grin?

And cute, devilish grin?

Film gives you some delicious skin tones... especially the skin on this little peach.

Although either film or digital can capture unflattering goofy faces...

And then the same face all over again a minute later!

But eating is still a new skill, takes concentration...

We hung out with our friend and favorite stripey chicken, Monroe! Also a fan of film (cannisters).

And enjoyed the kitties and sunlight:

And then I covered her face and little curly hair in kisses. Another good day.

If you're interested in having me shoot any film rolls for your event or portrait, just let me know! xo

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