Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Update

Wedding season is sort of coming to a close - except in Northern California, it's not really. We are blessed with amazing autumns here, and there are some really vineyard views when the vines and grape leaves start changing. The grapes are just about ripe for picking, and crush will be in, what, another month or so?

I thought I would have a relatively quiet September, but in the next few weeks I am shooting several small weddings including one elopement at City Hall! They should all be fantastic and romantic, so I am very excited. In addition, I'm starting to book up next year - getting loads of requests through May, June, and Fall 2007; and even 2008!

I've got lots of sample products on order from Pictage (, including proof books, coffeetable books, albums, and prints. Fun! I am currently working out all of the details for my album serise - so far it's going to include a really beautiful leather (or metal) bound classic album, customized and designed by me, called the Sequoia album; in addition there are simple and super cute coffee table books in 5x5" and 7x7" called the Bonzai and Boxwood; and I am working to start a completely customized and designed book (from scratch, which means we can basically do anything you want!) called the Asuka book. This last one looks exactly like a real, fancy photo book, so I can't wait to find the time to get that going.

In other (photo) news, Devon and I woke up at 5 am this morning (still dark out until 6:30 or so) and drove to Willits, up in Mendocino county. Then we drove another 40 minutes or so down various gravel roads until we got to Emandal Farm ( This is a beautiful organic farm which opens in the summertime for families who come and camp in the hundred year old cabins, swim in the Eel River (which runs through it), feed the farm animals (including an ostrich!), and help cook their own food. We were on assignment for Wondertime magazine ( to shoot a family doing all of those things, and it was an absolutely blast.

After several amazingly fresh and tasty meals, and hours of following the kids around, shooting them from every angle, the little one went down for a nap, and it was perfect weather and timing for Devon and I to change into our bathing suits and dive into the river. I have got to tell you, it was one of the best feelings I've ever felt. That water is so clear and cool and refreshing... I could've stayed in there for hours. What an amazing day! I will post a link when the story gets published, probably some time next year.

I can't believe it's already been weeks since I've posted. Also, where has the summer gone? Although I love shooting weddings for lots of reasons, one thing it definitely does is eat into your summertime. This might sound silly, but I need to get much more diligent next year about relaxing and goofing off! One of my favorite things to do, ever, pretty much at any point, is to go swimming. I think I've only made it swimming about 5 or 6 times this year - which isn't so bad, but each time I just ooh and ahh and wonder, "what on earth am I thinking, not doing this every day?!"

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