Thursday, August 17, 2006

My first slideshows!

I just got this software that allows me to quickly make these awesome slideshows! So far I have finished two and they have been making brides cry : )
Check them out:

Beth and Ben's Slideshow

Melissa and Albert's Slideshow

Here are the brides' responses:

"I just viewed the pictures again a minute ago.... ok, I've looked at them on pretty much a regular basis... and really, you did a beautiful job. thank you."


"So I've watched our slideshow another 15 times or so...and cried every time. I've cried more looking at your shots than I did that day! Thank you very very much. If you want a testimonial I'm more than happy to offer one."

So, yeah, I guess this are a hit! I will definitely keep doing them for all my wedding and portrait sessions. Past clients, I can do yours even if it was a few years ago!

More to come...

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