Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas with the in-laws

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend (and enjoyed an extra day off!). Ours was spent rushing from family to family - enjoying it all, but totally wiped out at the end. Has anyone solved the mystery of how to share ourselves amongst all our family units without driving ourselves crazy? I can only imagine it gets more hectic once there are grandkids involved...
We have a lovely Christmas Eve with Devon's mom, his sister, and his sister's boyfriend. That said, they are all three some of my best friends and I adore them! Gifts were exchanged but, even better, we got time together to eat, drink champagne, chit chat, and listen to music. That doesn't happen often enough!

On Christmas morning we went to be with my parents and my brother. A lovely eggs benedict breakfast (at noon) stuffed me for most of the day, then we opened more presents and hung around the tree until our eyes started glazing over in a nappish way. Too bad, off to Devon's dad and step-mom's to see that side of the family (two stepsister's and Dev's sister and her b.f. once again), hang out, enjoy a delicious turkey dinner, open still MORE presents, and take some family photos (which did turn out pretty well for a one shot thing, if I do say so myself!).

Devon's dad Dan and stepmother Rhonda:

Devon's sister Alyssa and her boyfriend Brian:

Me and my colorfully attired husband (thanks for taking this Alyssa!)

It was a lovely day, and when we came home to enjoy our own teensy Christmas tree and be with each other and the cat, I could barely keep my eyes open.

Every year I grumble, "let's skip presents this year so we can just be with each other" (even though I do love both giving and receiving), but I must admit that I got some GREAT stuff this year. I am very spoiled! Thank you one and all.

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