Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Franklin the kitten - more baby photos - and Gracie

Franklin is growing so fast that it seems impossible to photograph his progress! I'm several weeks behind here (he's more of a teenage boy now), but wanted to share these ridiculously cute shots of his chosen bed in the first few days here:

In case you can't tell - yes, he's hopped into one cubby in a shoe-holder thing in our closet. He's like a cute, teensy bunny slipper!

This one was taken upside down, in the midst of a super hyper playtime. I left it this way because that's how his crazy energy makes me feel sometimes. Is this what it's like to have a boy?!

In the interest of fairness (and more cuteness), here are a few shots of pretty Gracie, who is slowly adapting to having an incredibly annoying and playful little brother:

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justducky said...

awww, sooo cuuute!

my little grandkittens, love 'em!