Friday, July 17, 2009

Me and Devon, the beach, Big Sur

The day after Henry and Isby's wedding, Dev and I had a bit of time to play on the most beautiful (and warm!) Pacific Coast beach in Big Sur before heading home. I wish I could transport back there right now...

I took these shots with my vintage Yashica 120 camera. Film!

This is my favorite little series:

It was such a beautiful day! Next time, we are definitely staying longer.


justducky said...

great double exposure!

And I like those pony tails!

pear said...

Those pigtails look like two of the Red Dog's tails.
Pretty and cool

plankface said...

so beautiful! i have never been to the big sur area but it looks amazing. hope you guys had lots of fun.

now i wish i could go to the beach!