Friday, March 26, 2010

Kerri and Jon, winning engagement giveaway contest portraits, featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs, Sebastopol

(Click on the above image for the slideshow)

Here's another fun engagement shoot! Keri and Jon won my engagement portrait giveaway contest from this winter with Kerri's fabulous vintage pin-up inspiration idea, and I could not be more pleased with how the photos turned out :). It had been pouring, pouring rain all week but as I drove to their house, the skies cleared and we were blessed with sun, flowers, and bright blue sky.

Elizabeth Anne Designs' blog showcased some of the shots, and I love that Ami compared Kerri to Priscilla Presley! What a beautiful couple.

We started with some props and light furniture styling - and kept making things simpler and simpler until it was just the lovebirds and blank walls/ streaming sun. Love it!

Thanks again, Kerri and Jon!

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