Tuesday, March 23, 2010

38 weeks pregnant! And on maternity leave.

People are starting to ask... "have you had that baby yet?" "When are you going to pop?" and maybe the toughest one to answer: "When are you going on maternity leave?" : )

So - no, I have not had this baby yet. She's due April 5th but could easily come at any point between now and April 20th or so. We are getting so excited!

As for my maternity leave - I've slowed down but continued shooting, meeting with clients, and editing. But now I am going to officially call it - I'm on partial maternity leave. This means I'll be responding to emails and phone calls, posting on the blog, and doing some more photo editing here and there - but only a few days a week, and only until the baby comes. So I'm asking for your patience and understanding as I prepare for the birth of our child, and settle in as a family afterward. Feel free to email or call with any questions or just to say hi - and know that I will be back in touch as soon as it feels right.

To sum it up - I'm still here, but I'm also putting my feet up in the hammock, enjoying the spring weather and the final days of pregnancy. Thank you for keeping me and my growing family in your thoughts! I'm hoping to post all baby-related news on the blog as soon as I can (and to share non-baby shoots on here, too, as I can over the next weeks).

Jessamyn + baby ?

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