Saturday, April 03, 2010

Apple tree, more baby Franklin, from last summer

I'm taking the time in between the world of pregnancy and parenthood to do lots of things - daydream, clean, eat, connect to the baby in my belly, and - edit fun family photos! I have a big backlog of stuff I didn't have time to get to from the last few seasons...

These shots are from our garden last August, when I was newly pregnant, working a lot, and enjoying the flowers and fruits of our gardening.

Pomegranates represent fertility...

I finally let Devon cut down the mostly-dead apple tree I had been hoping to save. Here are his implements of destruction:

Poor little apples.

Sweet (accidentally) new wave hairdo, Dev!

The only thing I can think about these photos is... wow, do I not look pregnant here! I'm so big now! C'mon out, now, baby!

I apologize for the plethora of kitty cat photos, but, then again, what better time to catch up our current "babies'" photo albums than before we have a human baby occupying up all of our time, affection, and cameras? Poor little neglected Franklin and Gracie ; )

Franklin turns 1 year old this weekend! I keep telling our daughter that she can share a birthday with her "big brother" but, no response yet.

Out with the old, in with the new. The apple tree had to go, but we are hoping to eventually turn that patch into a cozy little lawn for our daughter to toddle around on. Meanwhile, it is occupied by a hammock which, on nice days, is occupied by a huge pregnant woman, ready to be done. Crazy how close we are to meeting our girl!

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