Monday, November 01, 2010

Symphony at the (very very small) pumpkin patch

We intended to take Symphony to a pumpkin patch this October (something I have long looked forward to!). We tried... sort of. But first it was too hot, so we had to go to the beach instead. Then it was pouring rain, so we had to snuggle up inside.

We did make it to the "pumpkin patch" on my parents' property - I think there were 8 or 10 tiny pumpkins in lovely variations of orange and green. Here she is, experiencing her first pumpkins, in 80 something degree weather!

Complete with real, spooooky spiders!

And a nice shot my mom took:

OK, back to work on Jessica and Tim's wedding photos!


Jessica said...

She is just adorable! And thanks for working on our photos. We can't wait!!

smile said...

Aww your daughter is so cute! Great job with all your beautiful photos (: