Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I love my girl

This little girl and her bunny-lovey just woke up from a nice nap. Look at that sweet coy smile!

Lest you think that everything is sugar and spice, though, I implore you to check out this super short slideshow:

She made all of these faces in the span of about 2 minutes after getting up from her blessedly long nap. Nothing like those breaks to get a nice chance to miss her! Even if sometimes I do watch the slideshow over and over again while she's sleeping... It's like a cuteness sickness/ addiction.

I love her because she is so expressive, goofy, wife, talkative, sweet, willful, independent, curious, affectionate, smart, and beautiful. It's hard to find time and free hands to photograph her - but even harder not to, you know?

And here's a video of her when she was much tinier but still had a zillion faces going!

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House Dreams said...

I had a baby redheaded girl with so many facial expressions crossing her face in so little time.