Friday, April 13, 2007

Photo District News "Top Knots" Contest Win!

Hey, guys, I am really excited to finally be able to share my win in PDN magazine's "Top Knots" annual wedding contest!

(Click for a bigger view)

I love this shot, the couple loves this shot, and my clients all seem to respond well to it because it is so unique and telling of the awesome couple's personalities, so I was thrilled to see it place in thise contest. Thank you, Rachael and Jamal! I got to visit with these guys when I was up in Portland (they moved shortly after their wedding) and we had a blast being the touristy Californians.

Photo District News, or PDN, is the biggest photo industry trade magazine, and I have learned so much from them, so it is a huge honor to be printed in their pages (and on their website). I love the "Top Knots" wedding contest every year because it features a prett wide array of work (since they bill it as "the new school of wedding photography", which I am happy to be a part of).

It's kind of geeky to be so excited about placing in a photographers-only magazine, since it's doubtful any clients will see it (unless I tell them about it), but in a way it's even more thrilling... I've been recognized by my contemporaries! By a magazine I respect and love, that doesn't even normally focus on weddings!

Okay, gonna go geek out some more :)


mnp said...

Wow we're so proud to know you!!
We've ALWAYS loved your photography and we're glad you've been recognized by your peers!Congratulations...Good job...

Anonymous said...

Hooray! We are so happy that the photo is precious to you too! You deserve the acknowledgment and praise for sure! Thanks for everything! We adore all of our pics and having you there was a super-special-added-bonus!


Anonymous said...

Oh - that was me, Rachael. I forgot to sign it! whoops

PacificMod said...

So proud of you!!! This shot is so creative and beautifully composed. Congratulations!! Can't wait to work with you again. :)