Thursday, April 12, 2007


I haven't forgotten you! - I've just been a busy girl (and allowing myself to enjoy spring a bit). I had a great engagement shoot last weekend and another one this Sunday - let me know if you need to book yours because I am running out of town before wonderful wedding season starts!

I don't have any photos ready today but wanted to share a few random wedding/ photo related links:

Again at Geekologie, the first ever Xray which is so beautiful and artistic (and features a wedding ring):

And my mom found this photo gallery of Peeps getting married (she's a fan. Personally I think they taste gross but look super interesting and cool). Take a look!

Her link was in response to the one that I sent her. Weird.

Finally, while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist yesterday (no cavities, thank you - my total sugar addiction notwithstanding), I noticed that the biohazard symbol on their "sharps" box on the wall is a really cool, interesting design. The more I stared at it, the more intrigued I became (and, no, there was no nitrous oxide present!). Who created it? Why? Does it symbolize something on the cellular level, or is it just random and cool looking?

Well, I was interested enough to find out, so why don't you find out for yourself. It's pretty interesting; I would've thought the symbol was around much longer than just 1966. Check out the sweet alternate designs!

This is something else that I had heard about long ago. It's much more depressing, though, so don't click unless you wanna.

More photos soon!

p.s. free 8x10 enlargement to anyone who can find the Morrissey quote in the text of this blog! I'm not kidding... I got tickets to the May 2nd Santa Rosa show and I am SUPER PSYCHED!


Rita Mendes Luís said...

And here I am, at the other side of the world (in Portugal, to be precise) just enjoying your blog. You have such nice pictures! Thanks for some quality leisure moments. And your cousin Molly sure is a cuty, as well as your brother... ;)

All the best, Rita.

baffle said...

On Peeps:
BooHoo - this is the first year ever that I did not get Yellow Peeps for HubbyDear...

It's not too late, however.
Easter candy sales going on right now.
And everyone knows that Peeps taste better (better may not be a great description, since they never do taste 'best', do they?) when they have been left out to air-dry and harden a bit.
So - stale - is OK - yeah?

I like Mom's link to Peeps Wedding!

Da 'n me said...

My southern father-in-law used to stand under the xray machine to check the fit of his new shoes!