Friday, July 25, 2008

Holiday! - gone through next week

We're heading out of town on a real live vacation! No working allowed :)

Which of course means I'm scrambling to get everything in order TODAY before we go... and I know Devon is as well (at his job), but the thing I love about my work is that all of the stuff I absolutely have to get done right now asap, is stuff that I WANT to get done, and love doing. Like editing photos, talking with clients, and sending out promos to photo editors.

Anyway, I turn 30 (!!!) exactly one week from today, and sadly we are staying in Northern California rather than Belize or Mexico (this time), but it's going to be a fabulous, relaxing and romantic trip. Leaving me very refreshed to come back for a bunch of August weddings and other shoots.

Please give me a chance to catch back up to emails and phone calls upon my return to the office on Monday, August 4th. In the meantime, enjoy this Muxtape I've been making for awhile:

(Next time will be the super-motivating techno-y/ dance music one - this one's just a nice chunk of what I've been listening to while editing. We'll see how this one goes over... there may be a swear or too, but nothing too crazy)

As well as this awesome Madonna video from 1983 - such fresh dance moves!

And a Sex Pistols one from 1978- also thirty years old, I might point out. Doesn't it feel kind of cute, tame and harmless these days?

The Pixies' "Holiday" is from 1986 - are we getting an "I'm really old" theme here?:

Just to bring it (almost) up to the present, here's My Morning Jacket's "One Big Holiday", which has a much happier, chiller (rocker) vibe - plus I love this band:

Thanks for everything, see you after the 4th!

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Angela Anderson Photography said...

I sooooo love My Morning Jacket. They are from my town. I just saw them play here on Saturday. What an incredibly talented band!! Thanks for sharing the video!