Monday, July 14, 2008

"Wedding Wednesday" #2, East Bay Express

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Here are images from the second week of the Wedding Wednesdays, sponsored by The East Bay Express. This one took place just before Independence Day (on July 2nd), and I can't think of a better way to celebrate freedom than to witness three beautiful same sex weddings!
The issue featuring the first week's event just came out, so pick up a copy if you're in the East Bay (and save one for me!).

The second week, I felt like an old pro at balancing coverage of three different couples. We again started at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley (which is lovely, cozy and very vintage):

Here are Brian and Ted, getting some privacy as they start getting ready. They have been, and continue to be, very active in the fight for marriage equality, so what a lovely chance to be there on their first legal Californian wedding!

This is Susanna of She and her partner Maya of Rockwell Weddings were filming the week's event, and although I don't know if she would love this photo, I do! It was great getting to know the two of them, and learning a little bit about videography.

A fun shot of Molly's dress:

And lovely Molly herself!

This setup was waiting for me as I went to check on Bryan and Robby - two vintage bow ties on the bed. It couldn't be cuter if it tried!

Bryan and Robby getting ready:

They picked out these awesome vintage shirts! These two were so fun and sweet, and approached their wedding day with a sense of humor and adventure - very much men after my own heart. Is there anything better than a pair of gay, Southern, hilarious gentlemen?! Robby joked about blending in with the mint color of the room, and I sort of loved the color combo:

I spent the majority of the getting-ready time with them, and so got to see the broom they later "jumped":

And here's Robby reciting his practiced spiel of how long they've been together (down to the minute!) and waiting to marry. Oh, do these guys adore each other!

A wonderfully creative friend surprised them with a card drawn to illustrate their fabulous outfits - so of course I had to have them pose with it.

Over to Molly and April's family:

And off to Periscope for the ceremonies.

As promised, here are Robby and Bryan jumping the broom. Largely an African-American tradition, these guys had jumped it at at least one of their commitment/ marriage ceremonies throughout the years (almost all of the couples who have been together for many years have been "married" one way or another along the way - whether in San Francisco, Canada, Massachusetts, or just in their own way). They got a big cheer as they jumped that broom!

Molly and April cried during their sweet exchange of vows and rings:

And, afterward, everyone celebrated with toasts, cake, and joy!

Brian performed a song in lieu of dancing:

And he and Ted were also welcomed into Robby and Bryan with a Y's dance - which was a country song (southern boys!) but still made me choked up:

Bryan and Robby had friends come from all over the country - Santa Barbara to the Carolinas!

And they made me get a shot of my own snazzy shoes (corduroy pants with corduroy shoes... that's how me and Devon do it!):

As Molly got ready for some more portraits, I caught her with just the most amazing light and took a ton of pre-portrait portraits that I lvoe:

And then April joined in to cuddle with her wife. Beautiful women!

When I met Lauren and the other couples at the marina, I loved that Brian and Ted were just hangin' out by the KRON van. I assumed they were again doing a story on our "Wedding Wednesdays", and that Ted and Brian, being gay activists, were being interviewed... but it turned out to just be a coincidence, and we still don't know what the van was doing there. How typical that these two, so newsworthy in their activism and on their historic, ground-breaking wedding day, ended up next to a news van!

Molly and April were cold but let me get a few shots of them with the wonderful sunset:

And I had a lovely time getting to know Ted and Brian more. Can you believe they've been together for 21 years?!

I asked what they recommend as far as getting involved in the fight to now KEEP marriage equality in California. They recommend a number of great local and nationwide groups involved in marriage equality, so if you'd like to make a donation or get involved, check out your local marriage equality activist group! If you're looking for the right gift for the progressive, has-it-all couple getting married, why not donate money in their honor? You can even register so that your wedding guests know that what you'd really love as a gift is for all citizens of this fine state and country to continue to be afforded the equal rights of loving their partner in full recognition of the law.

Thanks again to all of the great couples! I had the chance to photograph my first SF City Hall gay wedding this morning, so I'm exhausted but exhilarated, and will share more soon.


Meg said...

I love these so much. The first image? Killer. Though lots of them are, really.

Shy said...

I enjoyed viewing the pictures of Molly and April. I don't know if they know that they picked a wonderful photographer.

Rosa Lee said...

Could that shot of Molly and April on the water be any sweeter?!? Very *squee*able!

Anonymous said...

Your images are so wonderfully 'human' and real. What a treat it has been viewing your blog and photos!~elisa