Thursday, September 04, 2008

Freedom Riders "Breach of Peace" book, random stuff.

I'm finishing up Alexis and David's beautiful Napa valley wedding edit, and just took a break to check some of my favorite blogs, where I came across this post on Shoot! The Blog about Eric Etheridge's book project chronicling the Freedom Riders of 1961. Rachel (the blogger) mentions that it literally took her breath away; for me, I got shivers looking at each subject's mugshot combined with story and updated portrait. Please check it out!

Something about the combination of these amazing stories of courage (would I be brave enough to be a Freedom Rider?! I don't know, probably not), combined with just seeing a stark image of each young person immediately followed by a beautiful portrait of who they turned out to be, is so captivating and affecting to me. I love that you can see the styles of the times (even in a mugshot!), and that when you scroll down to see the current portrait and description of what they are doing now, you think, "oh, yeah, that makes sense." Just from a mugshot, I feel like I can see how they got where they are now!

Anyway, it's a really impressive project, so go check it out!

On a sillier note, I'm listening to NPR's "Song of the Day" podcast, and the current topic is "Music of the 1980s: Was it really that bad?". I'm kind of sad because so far all of the songs they've played ("Let's Hear it for the Boy", Hall & Oates, "Wild Wild West") are still big fun dance hits in my mind. But, it's still entertaining to hear the panel groan about the crappy synth production and cheesiness of 1980s music...

Okay, break's over, back to editing! I hope you don't mind my random sharing...

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