Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More kind words from kind clients

I've got some great posts coming up for this week, but wanted to share Richard and Jaime's reaction to my blog post about their beautiful wedding day:

"I just read your blog on our ceremony.
You made me cry all over again. You do such an extraordinary job with such sincerity and humility.
Thank you for sharing our story. It is something to always cherish.
The Newlyweds"

I firmly believe that their love for one another is as beautiful, blessed and valid as mine and my husband's, or any other pair who finds each other, and am so happy that they've had the opportunity to celebrate their commitment in this formal way. I've made a small donation to a marriage equality organization to thank them for allowing me to be their witness, and new friend, on their wedding day.

Hooray for love!

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