Friday, September 19, 2008

more blog love at A Practical Wedding

Just a quick note to say that Meg at featured two posts about me today - aw shucks! Well, one's about me being a sponsor to her site (which she kindly offered to me gratis while she tests out this whole sponsor scene!), and the other one is about Kate and Coalmine's lovely, fun Mendocino county wedding party. I think people will respond really well to this wedding, and some of the comments indeed are already inspired, and one bride says, "The thing that impresses me about weddings like this is the confidence of the bride. OHHHHHHH how I desire to be carefree and confident that it will all just come together! It is really fantastic and everything looks beautiful and the bride just looks so at peace and happy."

Well, I think Kate will laugh at being thought of as "carefree and confident that it will all just come together", seeing as how they planned their wedding for 2 years! But I agree that they both settled into a wonderful wedding that flowed along beautifully, without stress or force on the day of the celebration. And everything did come out beautifully, most of all the happiness of the couple as their community celebrated their commitment!

Here's the link back to my blog post about their wedding, for all the great details.

More coming soon...

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