Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy Friday!

I really wanted to share another full shoot today, but ended up running around swamped with work (and more to do), so instead, here's a link to an awesome, totally behind the scenes flickrstream from Barack Obama (well, someone clearly close to him). Check out Mr. President-Elect getting congratulated by one of his daughters!

You have regal and presidential-looking shots like this:

and nerdy, eyes-closed shots like this:

And look at how the man loves his mother-in-law! : )

I would never have imagined that unedited, imperfect snapshots of a president-elect and his family as they watch the election night news unfold would be posted like this! Though the photographer in me wants to see the family through the lenses of the experienced professionals that surely must follow the Obamas everywhere, I also adore that there are just family snapshots for everyone to see. Somehow I can't quite imagine the Bushes sharing these ; )
The world amazes me every day.

This is my favorite by far:

On that same note, we are loving and adoring our new house! I hope to finish up a lot of the setting up and finessing this weekend, and share photos with how far things have already come very soon. In the meantime, I keep running back to where we now have a washer and dryer (!!! so luxurious!) and jumping up and down in awe.

Here are a few very hurried sneak peeks, taken during painting, moving, cleaning chaos:

What a week!! This is my first weekend off in a couple of months (and by "off", I mean, running errands, cleaning and organizing and unpacking, and maybe meeting with a client or two), and I hope you all have a lovely one as well.

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Brandi said...

Your new house looks lovely. And <3 Obama. They are such an amazing family!! I am soo excited for the years to come.