Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One more take on Proposition 8

I have a beautiful wedding that I am so excited to share, and will post either later today or tomorrow - but first I felt the need to share one more opinion on the Proposition 8 vote, forwarded to me by a friend. I don't know this commentator (we don't have cable here, so I only come across MSNBC on mute at the gym) and his style is a bit melodramatic for me, but I also found myself so impressed with how he so eloquently puts into words the questions and sentiments I have been trying to come up with.

I want to say one more time, how beautiful, sweet, and simultaneously exceptional and totally normal the wonderful gay and lesbian weddings I've photographed this year have been. These are people who are both making history and just leading their lives in a way that is best for themselves and their partners and families. I applaud and congratulate all of the activists who have been fighting and will continue to fight the legislated attempts at separate but equal!

It is shocking to realize that President-Elect Obama's PARENTS had a marriage deemed illegal in 16 states. His parents - not his ancestors or a distant relative of some kind! His story is so fascinating and unique to me, yet it speaks to so many Americans.

That's my soapbox for today. Many lovely photos coming soon! Thanks for letting me share a bit of what I believe isn't truly "politics", because it is so personal to so many people (myself and my family included). And thank you so much to my lovely clients of all backgrounds, genders, faiths and beliefs! I am honored to work with you, and feel such a respect for you and your families well beyond your wedding day.


Tiffany Fosnight said...

Amen! So well spoken!

justducky said...

Wonderful commentary!
It really made me think. It slipped my mind that so many couples' marriages were illegal just 40 years ago.

I am shocked that prop. 8 was supported by Christians under the guise of religion. Jesus, their own savior, loved, more than any human could love. As a Chritian myself, I follow the message of love and inclusion, not hate and exclusion.