Thursday, April 09, 2009

Celebrate Civil Rights and Same Sex Marriage in Vermont!

I am so so happy about the news coming out of Vermont! I grew up here in California, but (somewhat randomly) went to college in Vermont, so I feel proud and excited that huge steps are happening there to make same sex marriage legal and recognized!

I'm waiting to see what other details emerge - and to see more articles featuring happy, beautiful same sex families making it legal - and, even better, to ultimately not see any big deals being made about gay and lesbian weddings, once they're mainstream and just a regular, wonderful part of the USA's standard civil rights.

I'm also considering some kind of same sex marriage celebration giveaway to make it possible for me to shoot a gay or lesbian wedding in ;pve;u Vermont this spring, summer or fall. I'm looking at it this way - I've been wistfully dreaming about a trip to New England lately, and I would love to photograph a beautiful New England wedding. And nothing puts a smile on my face more than a wonderful wedding between two individuals who love each other and have been waiting to officially become a family!

So... if you have any ideas about a potential Vermont Same Sex Wedding Celebration giveaway, send them my way. Happy days and congratulations to the Green Mountain State!

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