Sunday, April 12, 2009

Walking around my neighborhood with an old 120 camera

I have a vintage (1950s) Yashica camera I like to play with sometimes. It is totally manual - no auto anything, not even a light meter - so I have to slow down, really focus, and guess the lighting as best as I can. Luckily, film is very forgiving, so I am able to make a great exposure most of the time. This is a really fun camera to play with for portraits, weddings, or just meandering around my house, as I did on this day. I walked just down to the farmer's market, thinking about what I'm going to put together for the Sonoma County Artist Award for Emerging Visual Artists, taking some shots for fun.

I had the lab develop the film and print a contact sheet, and when I scanned the images in from the contact sheet, I decided to leave them in these somewhat random diptychs. What do you think?

There is much more in bloom now, even a few weeks after I took these, so I'll have to do another neighborhood walk-shoot one of these days.

Happy Spring and Happy Weekend!


justducky said...

I can't get over that lovely color on the corner house.

Love the cantalevered planes.

WordyDoodles said...

You are so, so talented lady!! I love the contrast of the strong, thick tree trunk and limbs behind the piles of garbage. And all these shots are so moody.

justducky said...

Pear: Years ago I had a 828 film bellows camera and had a great time with that.Talk about no automatics!
Finally the film was non available.
Wonder where I did with the camera???
These are cool photos!!