Friday, April 03, 2009

Lisa and family, Santa Cruz

Devon and I had a lovely weekend in Santa Cruz - part business, part vacation - a few weeks ago. During that weekend, we got to visit my lovely cousin Lisa and her beautiful family in their new home. We had two wonderful brunch/ lunches, and felt very spoiled eating their delicious fresh foods, walking to the beach together, and just being in their lovely company! I did some casual portraits of their family.

My favorite shots, and I think Lisa's too, are the candid shots of my little cousins Truth and Chloe. Truthie is kind of a little wiggly monkey, and Chloe looks a bit more prim and proper. But both of them have silly, fun personalities, and both are total athletes - hiking, mountain biking, surfing! These girls put me to shame!

Here's Truthie showing off those missing teeth:

And cracking herself up playing piano with Chloe:

Such cuties!

Rafi wasn't too excited about having his photo taken, but he did great. I love this shot of him with Chloe:

And squiggly Truthie again - this shot might be my favorite!

Again, on our walk through the beach park:

I love this family:

Saying good-bye, I finally caught Truth in a quiet moment. I can't wait to go back and visit again! :)

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RoHaN said...

Heart touching photos.feeling jealous!i'm not a professional photographer but these photos are marvelous.sorry for my bad english.