Thursday, June 04, 2009

Devon is cute

I've been a busy bee with lots of editing (some great GREAT weddings to share soon) and a new kitten alternately snoozing away on my lap and terrorizing every bug and wadded up piece of paper he can find. So for today I've just got a few photos of my cute and charming husband... while I know I am pretty biased, I also believe that everyone feels that way about him (Devon is the best!), and so I am unabashedly sharing some photos of him. Just because.

And, lest Gracie think we forgot about her, here are some shots of the two of them snuggling up:

It's crazy how huge Franklin makes her seem! She's still pretty grouchy about having a new guy (even a tiny one) in the house, but hopefully soon I will be sharing ridiculously adorable photos of the two of them cuddling up together.

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