Monday, June 01, 2009

baby kitten, Franklin!

Meet our new family member, baby kitty Franklin!

He came home with us yesterday, is just about 7 weeks and oh-so sweet. He's very cuddly and playful. We are having the best time getting to know him. And, yes, he already makes a great model!

Gracie is taking a little longer adjusting but her "bark" is always worse than her bite (which is nonexistent) so we're optimistic. I'm sure I'll have more (like a trillion more) photos of both of them to share soon.

Here's the shot his foster mom sent to us after we agreed to adopt him:

Happy week!


Mo said...

Oh!! *squeels*
He is just so adorable, what fun to have a kitten in the house.

Emily Perello said...

OMG he's so cute! Congrats and keep posting pics of him!