Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This is a total digression, but here goes:

I went to G&G market today cause I was there and I was hungry and although I guess the gross thing could be that I bought and ate donuts for lunch and nothing more, the really gross thing I discovered was a bag of these:

was I just out of the loop?

I bought them. why? I'm not going to eat them...

thank god for little brothers who like joke gifts.

Okay, also, it was a different brand of these that I bought... which makes me realize, these are popular.

should I taste em? I love pickles.

ew, no. gross.

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jessamynit said...

just so everyone knows - they taste like the "pickle" flavored scratch n sniff stickers from the 80s.
remember those? along with oil-slick bubbley unicorn heads that my sister and I used to fight over, they had scents like: dill pickle, pizza, ice cream, cotton candy, gym socks (ew!!), and once, even, skunk!

anyway. yeah, picture that smell in a taste form, and you have it.

it was NOT good.