Tuesday, January 16, 2007

updates on their way

First the exciting news: we are almost finished with my new and lovely weddings only website! I will let you preview it because I need feedback on anything not working, etc... the only thing that may currently not function is the Contact page. Everything else should be go!


I cannot WAIT to make the official announcement (apparently... cause I'm sneaking in the unofficial one here, oh well).

Now for silliness: my friend Emily "tagged" me on her blog to write six weird things about myself... apparently I'm supposed to do so and then "tag" six more people to do that.

Here are the weird things:

1. Today I spoke with a bride whose wedding I'm shooting in May, and who is currently traveling to Sundance to interview Crispin Glover!
Okay, that's not really about me, but it is a reminder of how awesome my clients are... I get the most creative couples, and it is such a blessing.

2. Speaking of the movies, I have been in two independent film productions, and one is coming to the internet very soon... if you ask me nicely I MIGHT tell you where to find it.
I'm a bit embarrassed.

3. I had a fear of flying for the past few years (after a bumpy ride all alone during a rainstorm), and have finally shaken it off... so now I'm planning to travel to Chicago, New York, Portland, and LA (at least) this year, yay!

4. I have one blonde eyebrow/ eyelash, and one brown.
It's just how I am, and since I hardly ever wear makeup, people are a little bit thrown.

5. I used to drive a 1966 Volvo 122 sedan, and boy, do I miss it.

6. My grandmother was an identical twin.

A few more:
-my mother in law is one of my best friends.
-I have a huge sweet tooth and have been known to sleepwalk to eat chocolate chip cookies before.
-my cat only has three legs.

Should I stop while I'm ahead?

More updates, and more photos, very soon.

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