Friday, January 26, 2007

the New Trust/ the Polar Bears

I got this neato toy for Christmas:

What is it you ask?
It's a toy camera from Lomo that shoots four images sequentially over a few sconds, with flash. So you get four images of your subject on one negative frame, and in each mini-frame, he or she is just a bit different.

The idea is that you can get cool shots of action documented on one little photo. Well, the idea really is just to do something fun and different with a little plastic camera!

I have been experimenting with it a bit - the trouble is that since there are four flashes one after the other, it is a pretty intense experience to have your photo taken with this! Also, the flash is not super strong so that inside images are coming out pretty grainy. Finally, if your subject is moving just a little bit, or not quickly enough, it sort of looks like the same shot four times.

Buuuut it is also super fun for documenting things like running, diving, jumping, and bands rocking out!

So here are some of those first experiments, from a show at the record store across the street from me. Some of my good friends make up the bands The Polar Bears and The New Trust - it was a record release for both bands AND they both feature our buddy Matthew on guitar!

The Polar Bears are LOUD and AWESOME!"

and the New Trust's new record is sort of about LOVE and sort of about ZOMBIES!:

Phew. Like my use of CAPLOCKS?!

Have a great weekend!

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