Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm a barbie girl, in my barbie world

She's a photographer now!

Apparently she'd been a fashion editor in 1965 which gave her a camera to hang on to:

Then there's Becky the School Photographer Barbie, who is differently abled... I like that she's not just "wheelchair Barbie", and that the doll is outfitted to have a job and a life beyond her special needs; but I also think it is a little weird... mostly because being a school photographer is kind of a niche career, and while I'm sure it is possible to do in a wheelchair, it would be really difficult, especially without an assistant. Anyway, it just seems really, really random.

I'm not sure where my friend found these photos but I do know that we all agree we would never, ever wear a miniskirt to any photoshoot, much less one with babies (where you have to get down to their level)!


baffle said...

your post inspired me to walk down memory lane re: my barbie (and midge!) circa mid-1950's. i ended up posting a 1950's doll video on my blog.

barbie in the days o' yore only ever wanted to look cute, stay stylish and get married.

what a difference 5 decades makes!

advertising in general and toy companies in particular still have a ways to go tho.

justducky said...

I remember some sisters styling barbie's hair and playing hospital.

poor barbie,
but the heads popped back on fairly easily