Monday, February 26, 2007

another lovely SF day

Late last fall, Devon and I spent a lovely afternoon being fake tourists in San Francisco - we do live an hour North, so typically just visit the city for business or music shows, etc. This time we wandered around Golden Gate Park (in amazing, sunshiney weather), visited an awesome exhibition at the De Young (this was during the Cheech Marin curated show, "Chicano", which we loved for its vibrancy and wide range of styles) and went up for the jaw-dropping view from the top floor.

We then drove over to Ocean Beach and walked around the ruins of the old Sutro Baths, which was pretty awesome - hard to believe it's just open and totally hazardous (and rad)! We also walked around the beautiful Cliff House restaurant (where we shot a wedding in May 2005 (click on the category "Emily and Edward", lovely place for a wedding or just dinner), and enjoyed the lovely view. There was a wedding going on while we were there, and the photographer took the bride and groom down to the Sutro Baths area to take shots of them in front of the crashing waves. A bit highly posed for my taste but the couple was very hip and adorable! - Devon had to pull me away from watching the whole dang shoot.

I shot the whole day with just my old fashioned 120 camera, a Mamiya A that takes square images on a big negatives. It's fun to play around with lots of formats - the bigger negative style is called "medium format", and in this camera, really makes you slow down and frame the photo and focus. It's totally manual and you have to look down through the viewfinder (instead of holding it up to your eye). Fun!

Anyway, here's the slideshow!

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