Monday, February 05, 2007

Matt and Fionna, Jan. 6th, 2007, Petaluma, California

Some of my younger brother's high school jazz band friends were married this January in my hometown (Petaluma), and I had the privelege of photographing their wedding!

Most of my family was in attendance, so it was nice to do a bit of hanging out. It was a lovely red and white wedding with Christmas decorations still up in the church. The bride's gown had beautiful red trim and the bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their rich, wintertime red dresses.

My favorite touch was the tissue-paper bouquets that the bride made. Gorgeous! I remember seeing this project in a Martha Stewart Weddings issue, but she pulled it off about a thousand times better than I could've.

It's always a pleasure to witness the marriage of a couple who has been together so long that they are both old friends and true-love partners. These guys are going to really go through life well together.

Take a look at their slideshow.

edited 1.2.08 - the slideshow has been taken down for server tidiness. Please let me know if you're interested in seeing it.

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