Friday, February 02, 2007

busy week

This week was enjoyably crazy busy - I had two client meetings in Sonoma on the weekend; one client and one wedding planner meeting each in SF on Monday; a meeting with a fellow photographer friend here in Santa Rosa on Tuesday; lots of catching up in the office and errand-running around town during the week; and another client meeting yesterday (Thursday) in SF again!

However... these are all pretty fun "work" errands to do. I like meeting new creative and friendly people. I have gotten lots of great feedback on my sample albums this week (people love that sage green leather and so do I!). I adore San Francisco and so driving there is mostly fun, and I got to pop by my "baby" brother Austin's house in the Sunset yesterday. He's almost 24 (?!) and I remember when he was born... and now somehow he lives in some kind of "jazz frat house"? Ah, the musician/ college student life...

The best part about all of this was that every single couple/ planner/ friend or bride that I met with this week was so fun to talk with! I mean, with one couple we somehow managed to close down the cafe we were in... we didn't even realize they were closing because we were having so much fun talking about, yes, weddings, but also heavy metal, new yorkers, etc. Another couple work at a cool dot com (yes, those are still around) startup in SF that took me back to circa 2000... and yesterday I got to chat with a bride in a mellow little Hawaiian cafe hidden in the Inner Sunset in SF... took me back to that fabulous trip to Kauai... sigh...

Anyway. Enough writing, I know you want photos! Well, I didn't take any. I was busy and had my hands full with albums.

But here is a slideshow of images I DID take in SF, and don't think I have shared yet - these are from August, when Devon, my parents and I took the Larkspur-SF ferry on a beautiful summer day to meet up with my brother and visit the fabulous SF Ferry Building, pig out, and waddle back to the ferry.

What a beautiful day - I know I say this a lot but I cannot WAIT for summer!

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