Friday, February 23, 2007

Google fight!

I was reading a forum post about this website today and thought it'd be worth a few moments of procrastination to google fight some folks, as well as to google myself.

Wellll, aside from all the usual hits (I'm even on the Internet Movie Database, what a nerd!), I found this little surprise:

By Dennis M. | insider Insider | Rank: 14,325

So I thought...pitcures, smictures...just don't shoot my bald spot. Wow..who would have thought photography could fun and adventurous! Jessamyn shot our wedding in Mendocino in September 2004. We only needed what every couple hopes for...decent shots, a happy set of mother-in-laws. What Jessamyn delivered were absolutely the most stunning photos, incredible customer service, and to this day when people refer to the wedding, they talk about how much Jessamyn made them smile...not a bad quality in a wedding photographer. And her rates blow away the competition.
You owe it to yourself to visit her website before calling other photographers for your important event. Locate her work at, and you'll soon see why Jessamyn is, without restraint, the best photographer in the Bay Area!

First Review! Posted 1/5/2005 at 1:29pm | "

Wow! I knew this client was happy with the work but BOY that is a shining review! This couple was super sweet, romantic without being sappy, and had been together for a long time before getting married. It was a privilege to photograph their gorgeous Mendo coast wedding, and I am so touched to find this glowing review. This was during my second year of weddings, so I feel like, "if you liked me then, you'd love me even more now!". Obviously they were happy as can be, and that makes ME happy.

I remember I cried during this father-daughter dance because they danced to "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac... I am NOT a FW Mac fan by any means, but that song is lovely. I even love the Dixie Chicks version of it. Aw, heck, I just love the DCs completely now.

Who knew?

P.S. - Since I am kind of off on a tangential thing now, why not back that up with the most random video I have ever found. I searched "landslide" at youtube to see if I could find a video for it and I found this video, which is a Smashing Pumpkins (or at least Billy Corgan) cover of the Fleetwood Mac song, set to video edited from Brokeback Mountain. Huh? Surprisingly, it is really fitting and touching. The video kind of gives away the whole movie, so if you haven't seen it and you care, just close your eyes and listen. The song, the singer, and the movie are all for particular tastes (apparently perfect for mine) but there you go.

Random, but pretty.

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mmnpr said...

gee, shining reviews, awards, and thrilled clients (Matt's Mom!!!)

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