Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Alex and Rich in the NY Times!

I can now officially say I've been published in the NY Times : )

On Saturday I photographed Alex and Rich's lovely wedding at the Villagio in Yountville (more on that soon, hopefully by the end of the week). And on Sunday, their wedding announcement was printed in the NY Times' Style section! - along with a photo I took of them and my photo credit! Woohoo!

Now, they did crop the photo to cut out Alex's tattoo, and we did have to do a very standard shot with no background, eyes at the same level, nothing strange or distracting, etc. Very stringent rules. But I was excited for them that it's published, and for myself as well!

Here's the article!

(side note: I realized by reading that article that a friend of mine from college works for the same co. where Alex's father was president! Another friend from school was taught by Alex's mother! small, small world.)

Now, go look at their real engagement photos... all kinds of distracting and wild backgrounds, and much more interesting than a black white background!

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Richard Lee said...

That's really cool! Congratulations. I think that they should have had you write the article to :) your write-ups are always so colorful and personal!