Monday, August 20, 2007

David Lynch: lunatic fringe, sociopath, and/ or true genius?

Devon and I tried to watch Inland Empire on Sunday night, but I could only make it to 2 hours of the 3 hour movie - while Devon finished it but then stayed up late trying to make sense of it in his mind.

I won't say I disliked it, cause I didn't; it was fascinating and enthralling, but it definitely terrified me beyond all reason. It was quite a bit like watching a three hour Aphex Twin video - not so bad for an intense 5 minute song, but for hours upon hours of unrelenting dread, suspense, jump cuts, and chaos?! Yikes!

Now that I've been reading lots of reviews and plot theories online, I really want to watch it again (all the way through this time). David Lynch is just a strange and interesting man - and did I mention CRAZY?! No one else's brain works like his. I loved Mulholland Drive, and this one had a lot in common with it, but it was just too relentlessly messing with my mind. Phew.

Here's the trailer to Inland Empire which I CAN'T EVEN WATCH cause I'm home alone and it's just too creepy for me right now.

Let that be a disclaimer.

PS Foxy Justin Theroux went to my college (not with me, he's older, but in the same drama department I was in for a bit). Just FYI.

Also, did you know David Lynch makes coffee? Apparently the special features on Disc 2 of Inland Empire feature him making a quinoa and broccoli recipe in real time. Also there are "coming soon" ringtones on his website... ringtones?!

I swear I am getting back to work now. Just wanted to share.

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