Monday, August 27, 2007

recent nice testimonials

I get to work with the BEST clients, so it always cheers me up when they are thrilled with their photos and choose to gush to me. Partly I guess it's my Leo-Ego, but mostly it's knowing that I have done them justice, and captured their images and their weddings just as they wanted. Hooray!

Here are some choice quotes from this weekend. Thank you, ladies!

"The pictures are AMAZING! I am so happy with all of them. I want to be like you when I grow up! I feel so fortunate to have run into you again when we did. I remember [a friend] telling me after her wedding that she hated her wedding pictures and I just thought that was so sad. I think my brother in law said it best when he bluntly said that "you were great at telling people what to do without being annoying about it!" Devon was very cute too! Hope all is well and thanks for the wonderful memories!"


We came back from our honeymoon in the woods yesterday which was a bit of a bummer... but then we had your photos to cheer us up!!! that slideshow is AMAZING! i don't know quite how to put this, but you have a really extraordinary talent for capturing the essence of people. I kept looking at pictures and saying "oh my god -- that is SO megan! that is SO laura!!" it's pretty fabulous.

so, not to sound like a broken record here, but we're really thrilled to have found you!"

Another great one I just got:

"Hey Jessamyn,

You are such a rock star, these are all so amazing. Everyone I have showed
them to has commented how well they captured the event and our
personalities. You made everyone feel so comfortable and it was all so

I'm so glad we were able to work with you for our wedding. If there's ever
anything you need, just say the word."

And, okay, a few more... hey, I didn't solicit 'em, they just came to me!

"The photos are awesome, Jessamyn! Best wedding pics I've ever seen."

"You did such a beautiful job of capturing such a fabulous event!"

"Thanks so much, Jessamyn. The pictures are just super! I actually had a day off and was able to see them all and add lots to my “shopping cart.”

You did a fabulous job, mainly because you work so well—and gently—with people.

Wasn’t it a great scene? We are still not back to reality.

Many thank for your making the memories permanent."

This is another one I wanted to keep kind of private, so I took out any identifiers (hence the confusing s/he - I just wanted the person to have anonymity, not to imply transgender):

"I talked to ________ yesterday after s/he had just seen the pics ... not to delve too deep into the gory details, but s/he's had a pretty rough life and for the past four decades or so s/he's really struggled with obesity. s/he had surgery and now is smaller and healthier than s/he's ever been... anyway, when s/he saw the pics of her/himself, s/he pretty much lost it. s/he said it was the first time s/he's been happy to see her/himself since s/he was a teenager. it really meant a lot to me and to her/him."

Okay... does it get any more touching than that?! I started crying a little when I read that. What a blessing for me to hear!

Back to work, but three cheers for my clients!!!

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