Monday, June 02, 2008

British Columbia and Washington trip, Day 4

On day 4 we took an even bigger ferry from Vancouver Island to outside the city of Vancouver. We enjoyed the beautiful sights as we wandered through the Straight of Georgia, with its myriad of islands, and pretended that we were on a long trip to Alaska. It was COLD but beautiful, and just blue everywhere we looked.

Once we made it through to the city of Vancouver, we stopped at Granville Island to peruse their amazing indoor farmer's market. I have never seen such a fabulous food court, which made choosing what to eat a big challenge. Even on this cold day, the market was packed, so I got a few photos but mostly ate (fresh sushi, carrot ginger juice, and even donuts!).

The views were gorgeous and reminded me of San Francisco's waterfronts:

There was a lot to see on the little island, and it was definitely a highlight of the trip. Besides food and flowers, there was this beautiful yarn:

as well as lots of machining shops that had survived through Granville Island's sort of yuppification (ahem, I mean, "modernization"). We had fun peeking in the windows of all the funky old buildings. Very cool!

There were some wonderful murals as we searched for the highway entrace:

Next was North Vancouver for the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Almost a tourist trap, it was one of my favorite things. Scary but so exciting!! Somebody made a cute totem pole:

We went back to Vancouver for a mediocre dinner, and stopped to see the sunset near Stanley Park. I forgot how the sun sets later the further north you go - it was comforting to have more daylight even in the cold weather.

And then - collapsed in exhaustion back at the hotel!


Opal Basset said...

oooh, I just love the Canadian designs.

did you guys take enough photos?
are you sure!!


Liz said...

Oh, hell no! I would not be going across that bridge! Everything else looks awesome, though.