Wednesday, June 04, 2008

British Columbia and Washington trip, Day 5

As we prepared to leave Vancouver on our last morning, to drive to Seattle to come home, we stopped at a beautiful beach (I forget where - South of town I think?). There were these cool chairs with inscriptions somehow firmly stuck in the sand, and I loved how they looked against the blue water:

Love the graphic elements of this sign:

And now on to the border! Luckily we left hours and hours early - we thought the US Border would take about 15 minutes, and it ended up taking more than an hour and a half to get to the guard. YAWN. I got out and wandered around while the cars idled, and wondered at people who lives just metres on one side or the other. Apparently you can also rent "Peace Arch Park", which is the park that you see as you wait to get up to the border. I have no idea how you access it without having to deal with international crossing, but there were sign saying "for rent", so I take them at their word.

There are a few odd things that make me feel patriotic (mostly bureaucracy, oddly, like going to vote yesterday!), and I totally choked up when I saw this arch (even with the gas station in the background). Children of a common mother!

The US sign really needs some gussying up - the Golden Gate Bridge is all faded and green?

And then: back in the US!

Thanks for bearing with me as I share my vacation photos (I'm hoping they're not dreadfully boring, but in any case I have several fun shoots to share coming up). I promise not to overdo it next week when I'm in New York!

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Bravo for trip photos and commentary!