Monday, June 23, 2008

a few more things I love

I forgot to mention in my last post, how much I'm loving:

-fresh tomatoes - I have a bunch of beautiful heirlooms growing on my plants and can't wait till they're ready! In the meantime, store-bought 'matoes and fresh mozzarella balls are the awesomest.

-the book "Eat, Pray, Love", which I wasn't sure about, but am (bad pun) completely eating up.

-this old school Madonna performance (which I found while searching for Prince's "Controversy" video to show a friend, which would've been appropriate to the recent subject of my blog, but which is unavailable due to stringent New Power Generation restrictions):

along with the memory of lipsyncing (and fake playing instruments; we traded off microphone duty) the entirety of the "True Blue" album in 4th grade

-planning some local camping and vacationing trips all over Northern California... we're having trouble narrowing it down. Gold Country? Tahoe? Lake County? Humboldt County and the Redwoods? Big Sur? Or even Monterey, San Luis Obispo.. the list is pretty much infinite, because my wonderful state is so gorgeous!

(amended to add):
This shirt was forwarded to me by a friend today, and it shares the "Love Wins" idea by proclaiming "Love Conquers Hate" (beautiful!) in support of the Human Rights Campaign and equality.

It also features some of the prettiest, and gayest, buff male models I have seen in a long time. Woo! :)

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JennLink Photography said...

My parents took me to see Madonna in concert in 1986 for my 6th birthday. They said I sang and dance the entire time and I finally collapsed asleep at the end of the show.

Thanks for posting that, what a great memory. I used to dress up in my mom's clothes and play that song over and over on her record player in our tiny apartment.