Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meredith and Scott on the Bride's Cafe

Meredith and Scott's wedding is featured on The Bride's Cafe! I love blogger Janie's sense of style and how frequently she updates with new pretty pictures... today there are lots of cupcakes, something I can always stand to see (and eat) more of.

So funny that one of my most popular weddings wasn't even one I was officially hired for! I think it's because I am lucky enough to have wonderfully talented (and cute!) friends who have cool weddings. And I have clients who fit that bill as well - I often can't believe how good I have it with this job! :)

Tomorrow I'm shooting a fabulous wedding that is going to be a big hit, I can already tell. And the planner working on that with me is none other than Jess Flood, good friend and planner/ helper to Meredith. Small world!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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