Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Random, random photos from the year

Since I'm on vacation, and didn't necessarily want the photos of me as a kid to linger on the top of the blog all week, I thought I'd schedule one more blog post - this one's got a few different things going on. Random can be so fun!

First - Devon in his tyvek suit, preparing to go under the house way back in, I think, November:

(do you like how he has a Hemi hat on underneath his hood? I do!)

Next - photos from the spring - literally and figuratively. This is the cute kid of my friend Spring, taken in the early spring at a friend's BBQ:

You can tell that it's March or April because of the little growing green seed starts:

This is a game I remember well - doing whatever your big sister and her friends want and thinking it's awesome, even when it involves pretending to be in some kind of jail!

Finally - some more of Devon's wonderful origami work (in progress):

Back to vacation!

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